Chicken Scratch Scraps

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am learning to share

Digitally speaking of course (but don't ask for some of my Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs: I am not ready to part with any of those)!
I am trying out my first file share in the form of a template. I was puttering about with filters and my dd's pretty-princess pics when I came up with this layout:

I must admit the Eva Kipler's kit, At First Sight, really made the photos shine (her stuff rocks), and I loved the pinched and pulled bits of paper. If you like the look, feel free to download the template. ) Any feedback wrt improving the template or it's delivery is appreciated too.)

Friday, March 6, 2009

I've been a busy missy!

Crazy nuts here. How 'bout you? Did you squeeze in too many activities for the kids lately too? Sure makes the winter fly by though.
So I finally got back to scrapping after reclaiming some mojo and carving out a little time away from the kids (ie hiding out in my basement while distracting them with cartoons and snack food). Though I have picked up a cold from working down in this dank cavern, my scrap muscles are starting to loosen up again and I am having fun. Here are some of my latest:
Had too much fun turning the background photo into a painting on this one:

This photo screamed out for the tree:
I have been meaning to get his birthday shots from last year finished:
And lastly, I really had fun with this:

Okay, that's it for a bit. I am working on a template of a new layout to share with everyone. But, it will have to wait since my dh is taking me on a surprise birthday trip to Vegas on Sunday! Hope my mojo will hang in there; at least I'll have great photos to scrap with!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Hooray for routine and schedules!!

I don't always feel this way but after a couple of weeks of mess and mayhem, I am glad to be back into some semblance of order (and away from the Christmas baking).

I can finally scrap on the new computer; and thanks to the SSD challenges starting up again, I have a great jumping off point! I have so many wonderful shots from the holidays; it was great to get started with this one of Aubrie up and skating:
On a different note, I have to share this video with every Mom out there. It is most excellent!! Enjoy:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Out with the Old, in with the Old

No resolutions here. Nope, not a one.

Oh, I could make a thousand promises. The list is endless: frequent exercise, fewer cookies, more good hair days, improved posture, looser undies, or regular blog entries to name a few. But I won't go there. I will not set everyone up with great expectations only to dash their fragile hopes for me. I am just too kind to do that to anyone (not even myself).

Instead, I have a more palatable plan for us all. Call it my 'New Year's evolution' (I worked hard on that: rhymes with 'resolution')!

I am looking at all the things I did 'well-right-and-good' in 2008 and carrying them forward into 2009. Yup. The positive habits and idiosyncrasies that worked for me last year, are 'gonna be applied again this year. Believe me, it requires a little more brainstorming and careful thought than my usual 'mealy-mouthful' of promises. And since I know I did them last year, odds are, I can keep them up in the months to come. Really..., it's a win-win scenario.

And, no, I am not going to tell you what they are. (It keeps the mystery and romance alive between us.)

So here's to personal fulfillment in the year to come.... May it be built on the foundations of all the wonderful things that you are and that you have done already.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Argghhh! How can I be posting about Halloween and it's the last week of Nov? I truly believe I am trapped in some kind of domestically induced time warp.
Nonetheless, here I am with nothing earth shattering to report. A fact for which I am most grateful. Halloween was a roaring success and my homemade costumes were a hit. My son can be still be found on any day of the week attired in his plumage and dancing around the living room. Aubrie only wears the mermaid outfit (on which I still haven't hand- sewn all the sequins) when the thermostat reaches something more temperate, She refuses to layer under it. "Mummy, mermaids do not wear turtlenecks!" I hesitate to point out that neither do they reside in the great frigid plains of the North. (If they did, they would probably have turtlenecks with gills on them.) In truth, we are neither of us much of an authority on mermaid evolution. Here is a layout done for her:
I haven't yet scrapped the parrot costume:
and finally here are the candy bags I sent her to school with:

OK, so that holiday is done...! Now we are chugging along merrily towards Christmas.
I may even have a chance to stay ahead on this one: the Christmas cake is soaking in rum, my card is designed, letter is done, even my gift list is mostly filled in. It's looking good so far....
Mind you, I've learned never to count my rum balls until the New Year's ball drops!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It takes a cat

The only thing I scrapped last week was a 'missing' poster.

My beloved companion of 16 years went missing last Thursday. He has moderate kidney failure (as many elderly cats do) and has always been an indoor animal. But, with our unseasonably warm weather, he begged to be allowed out to munch grass and 'rough-it' in the garden for a bit. I relented. Then, he was gone. He may simply have had a 'senior' moment, or the racket created by city workers nearby may have frightened him off, but either way, he did not find his way home again. Twenty four hours passed, then forty eight....
I walked the neighborhood at midnight and again at three thirty in the morning. I clucked, called his name, shook cat food in his bowl opened cans of tuna, and left them outside. I cursed him, the city workers, and his crummy kidneys. I was losing my marbles over the stupid cat!
Saturday night,while crying into my pizza (and glass of vino), the doorbell rang. And from the arms of his rescuers sprang one thirsty, footsore, and relieved old kitty!
The ordeal is over now, and you can imagine how much cuddling and thankfulness fill our home.
What have I taken away from this entire experience, you ask? After all it really was only a silly, if well-loved, feline! Well, it leaves me shaking in my boots to imagine the experience of parents and family who have a loved one go missing and never truly know what has become of them. I cannot imagine the strength it takes to get up every morning and forge on. I ache at the thought.
On a more selfish note, I was utterly astounded by my hubby, whom truth be told, has no affection whatsoever for my cat. He searched longer and farther and more thoroughly than I, time and again. And he did it entirely for me. Though I often think him oblivious (seemingly callous) to my emotional state(s) (ok, so it can be hard to keep up with them), he saw my misery and was affected by it. He was amazing. Even my kids marched up and down the neighborhood without complaint, stuffing mailboxes with flyers.
In the end, not only do I have my cat-companion back, but I have another reason to wonder at and fall in love again with the three people who share my life everyday. I am so grateful for them (of course, from this day forward none of them will be allowed outside without a leash either)!!
Go now! Scratch your hubby behind the ear and give your kitty a kiss on the lips for me will you?!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"No honey, the beard doesn't make you look thinner."

This is such a spectacular time of year! I am finding so much inspiration around me! I sure hope they'll be time to scrap some of it before my brain goes into automatic 'purge' mode.
We had a lovely, albeit wet, long-weekend at the lake with the in-laws. In between the 'winterizing', the chimney sweeping, and the turkey consuming, we managed to have a wonderful walk with the kids! I snapped some great shots:
OK, I have to let everyone know how much I hate the beard!!!! He has been sporting it as part of a beard-growing contest. Thankfully it will be gone tomorrow! Can't wait to kiss those smooth cheeks again. Wow. I just noticed, he's getting a little grey too! Good thing I've decided not to get any older (one of us has to keep up with the kids)!! LOL

Still cutting and sewing away on the ol' mermaid costume. I will have to take a break though; I have a seminar and show this weekend (belly dance), and I am doing all the photo and 'videography' too. Arghh....

I am off to wash diapers and clean the camper. Have a scrap-happy day everyone!